8 Reasons why College is the Best time to Launch a Start-up

‘College time is fun time’- a notion that many entrepreneurs are proving wrong. They launch their startup during their college and by the time they graduate, they are already owners of small to medium sized businesses. Here are eight reasons that tell you why you should launch your startup during college.

Free resources 

There’s no need for you to rent any office space. Your college, classroom or library is a great place to hold meetings. You also have free access to the internet, computer and the library, not to mention all kinds of valuable software. Besides this, professors too, are very helpful to students who take up an initiative to do something. They will be experts in different fields and you can take advantage of their knowledge to help your business grow. 

College gives you access to many free resources including software


College is a time when you are at your creative best. You have nothing to lose so you can feel free to experiment with ideas that might seem crazy to others but can launch you as the next Steve Jobs. Students lack the cynicism and caution of older people and hence are more open to new ideas and concepts. There is a curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that is invaluable for any start-up. 

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During college, all that your parents and professors want you to do is to score well and pass your exams. If you launch a startup, they do not really expect you to become a millionaire overnight. This gives you more room for error. If you are unsuccessful, you do not feel burdened with their expectations. You still have the drive to give it another shot. 

No salary tension

As a startup, you would not have too much capital to hire employees. However, in college, there is no dearth of people who are looking to do something constructive. You can offer internships to people and give people work experience certificates. You can find your future employees right in your campus.

You are not doing it for the money so you're more likely to succeed



Most of your classmates will graduate with a degree; but you will graduate with hands on experience in running a business. Going that extra mile will be a little difficult as first, but once you see your business growing, you will definitely not regret your decision.

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If you have a talented bunch of friends who are experts in their own fields, then you can launch a startup together as a group. College friendships last the longest and if you launch a startup with them, you can be teammates for life.

Your friends are your teammates!

Quality feedback for free 

If you are developing a new product or service, you obviously need people to test it and review it, before you start production. Your batch mates can tell you what they think about the product, its overall design, usefulness and the amount of money they can afford to pay for it. They will also not hesitate to tell you the negative aspects and will never shower empty praises. Your professors, on the other hand, can give you feedback about its technical aspects.


Everyone loves stories of how a young college kid has made it big in the industry. You will definitely get lots of free coverage because everybody loves to hear about a youngster who has succeeded beyond their wildest imagination.

So, get innovating! 

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