Child prodigy to Innovation Jockey

“My innovation – the app Sales Desk is developed with a mission to lead in the retail industry.”

Coming from anyone else this would sound like an idle boast, but Yuvraj Singh is no ordinary 18 year old. The Jalandhar boy was computer literate before he had even learned how to read, a fact that led him to be nominated for the Guinness and Limca books of world record, and made him the local media darling at the tender age of four. He would also go on to launch his first website at 12 years old and followed that up by starting his own company Devil’s Infotech in 2010. He names his parents, both software engineers, as his inspiration.

Yuvraj Singh

Sales Desk, a mobile app to help retailers keep track of their sales records is the result of his interaction with his father’s clients, mostly retailers who he says were constantly exasperated by current methods of tracking sales. The innovation helped him get shortlisted from among four and a half thousand hopefuls for Innovation Jockeys season 2.

“Sales Desk filters data in four categories that are daily sale, weekly sale, monthly sale and yearly sale. The user can view the total sale and generate tax and email reports very easily using my application,” Yuvraj explains. The app aggregates sales data in a way that also allows the retailer to monitor sales data at multiple venues.

Yuvraj is currently pursuing his Integrated B.Tech – M. Tech Diploma in Computer Science Engineering from Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar. When asked about his hobbies and passions the 18 year old innovator says there is little outside the world of computers that interests him. His current obsession with mobile platforms ensures that he spends most of his time ‘exploring different parts of upcoming apps and technologies’ to inspire and improve his own creations. He is currently working on an Instant Messaging Application which he promises will be worlds apart from existing apps. 

So what inspires him to keep innovating?

“I am constantly inspired by Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. They achieved so much at a young age. I may not have the platform and access to resources they did but that will never stop me,” is the quick reply.

Next on agenda for the wildly ambitious teen whiz is expanding his company to start an R&D centre with a focus on mobile platforms. He hopes one day to branch out internationally.

Innovation in itself, Yuvraj says, is not that difficult but to keep innovating is a challenge. And one needs to constantly innovate to stay in the game.