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Technology has brought the world closer than ever before. With the emergence of social networking, talking to people across the globe has become as easy as calling on your neighbour. For businesses this trend is extremely crucial because not only are they able to access a large portion of their customer base through social media, but these networks can also be utilised as concrete branding and reputation management tools. Budding entrepreneurs Saurabh Arora and Prabhat Saraswat were quick to realise the significant gains that businesses could make through social media and they hit upon the idea of Airwoot. 

Airwoot helps you sift the relevant information from the noise on social media chatter

What is Airwoot? 

Saurabh Arora and Prabhat Saraswat established Memetic Labs Technologies Pvt Ltd, a SaaS start up (software as a service), in December 2011 at Gurgaon. Airwoot is a product under this banner. Essentially, Airwoot is a social media tool that enables businesses to set up robust customer service channels using social media. Through its many functions, Airwoot helps in collaborating social media conversations into tools which have revenue generating potential.  According to latest reports, the tool is already under trial runs and is expected to be launched within a few weeks.

What led to Airwoot? 

Initially, Memetic Labs started mining consumer buying intentions from Twitter. The information they received led them to startling statistics. They found more people complaining about products and services compared to those talking about it positively. They realised that negative emotions dominated over positive endorsements by a whopping 300 percent. The duo of Memetic Labs then crafted Airwoot as a means to empower businesses to tap responses along with the positive ones in order to address specific issues, enhance customer service and manage their brand reputation. 


Airwoot uses sophisticated natural language processing techniques. It has the ability to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant chatter on social media, thereby making it easy for businesses to focus on the conversations that are relevant and useful to them. It organises relevant checkpoints into various categories, which in turn help provide faster responses leading to greater customer satisfaction. Businesses can continuously monitor all relevant conversations and identify problem areas in their business. 

So, Airwoot works on multidimensional fronts. It not only helps businesses address customer issues and provide satisfactory services, but also aids them in reputation management.

How It Benefits Companies 

One of the biggest benefits of Airwoot is its user-friendliness. The ease of multi-tasking and brilliant performance management has helped companies handle sensitive parameters related to public relationship management, reputation management and customer service.

Also, considering the fact that social accounts are growing at a rate of 10 per cent to 13 per cent, more and more target customers are going to use these platforms to discuss products and services. Therefore, a customer support social media tool like Airwoot can be a powerful asset for the future. 

Companies spend a lot of time and money segregating useful and irrelevant messages on social media. Airwoot spotted this trend early and has hence come up with a comprehensive solution. With the help of this social media tool, companies will now be able to segregate actionable and non-actionable messages on social media. So they save time, effort and resources at the same time managing customer relationship much more effectively.

Airwoot, an Indian product developed by young and innovative entrepreneurs, is a one-stop solution for several important business functions.

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