Meet the winner of Innovation Jockeys 2013!

J Nishanth the winner of Innovation Jockeys 2013 has created the Automatic Electric Shock Tripper to save lives.

While Nishanth may not be the first to recognize the danger posed by faulty electric lines to both people and animals, he is amongst the few to actually do something about it.

J Nishanth wins Innovation Jockeys 2013

Electricity supply to most rural areas as well as unauthorised colonies in urban areas is through naked overhead wiring, most of which is illegal. The result is that there are little safeguards put in place to prevent a person from getting electrocuted. Even where the electricity supply is regulated, the situation is different.

Nishanth, noticing the rising number of fatalities due to electrocution, decided to create a device that would cut off the electricity supply immediately in case of a leak or short circuiting.

“The Shock Tripper will cut off the power immediately in case of a short circuit or electrical leak in any electrical appliance or damage to the power distribution system from a given source,” Nishanth explains. “The power will be switched off three times at specific time intervals in case of a power leak. If the defect is not rectified the power will be switched off completely. The local Electricity Board will be notified through an automatic call system of the place where the power leakage has taken place.”

You can view a demonstration of the Electric Shock Tripper here.

The 18 year old from Namakkal, Tamil Nadu is no ordinary inventor. His first innovation was a device that he likes to call the ‘Alarm Bag’. “I once had someone steal a pencil and an eraser from my pencil box. I didn’t know who had done it so I had an idea. I fixed an alarm in the bag and connected it to the pencil box so if anybody opened my bag a siren would go off. Only I knew the safeguard.” Nishanth explains. He was all of 5 years old. 

With 30 inventions to his name at 18 years of age and numerous awards at the District, State, South Zone and the National level, Nishanth has not once rested on his laurels. He continues to innovate obsessively; and that’s the fact that got him a free scholarship to study at the Sona Institute of Technology in Salem where he is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Engineering. 

Nishanth’s next innovation focuses on preventing deaths due to car accidents at night, thus continuing his work of combining humanitarian efforts with an all-consuming love for science. 

So what motivates him to continue innovating? 

“It is my self-interest,” Nishanth says, clearly indicating that his passion for innovation is self-sustaining. “But I couldn’t have done it without my family who has supported me throughout and encouraged me to invent.”

“I love researching and I hate anybody who disturbs me."

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