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Don’t you hate it when half your time is spent trying to locate products in the super market rather than purchasing them? 

Two students from Nagpur may have the solution. 

Tanmay Agrawal

Sudhanshu Shekhar and Tanmay Agrawal, both students at Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur have developed a mobile application for smart phones that automatically syncs your shopping list with the network of the mall. The program on the network server then locates each product from your list, in the mall and finds the shortest path to avail these products. This app even alerts you when a product that was previously out of stock is available or not.

“The project consists of two phases. Phase I is creating the shopping list on the handheld device (designed for Android and Windows based smartphones) through a unique user ID and password,” explains 25- year old Sudhanshu who’s currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Applications. “Phase II will have a pop-up on the screen as soon as the user logs on to the application. The pop- up will contain current offers at different stores. The manager can also manage the inventory simply by seeing the database stock list and getting a pop-up on the screen when the quantity of a product is below a certain a level.” 

Sudhanshu Shekhar

According to 21- year old Tanmay, who’s currently in his final year of studying Electronics Engineering at SRCOEM, the main purpose behind the innovation was  to develop retail businesses at superstores and malls in such a way that it both provided ‘a rich shopping experience’ to the consumers and generated superb profits for the retailers.

The innovation called Smart Shop was among the shortlisted ten innovations for the Innovation Jockeys 2013 Awards.

When you talk to the two, you quickly realize that while they maybe a team, their approaches to innovation couldn’t be more different. Where Sudhanshu, the older of the two and obviously the dreamer, talks of revolutionizing the retail industry, Tanmay prefers to focus on convenience and practicality.

Smart Shop is the result of this perfect marriage between ambition and a workman-like attitude.

According to Sudhanshu, “To be an innovator you must have an ability to think and to mould your dreams into reality.” Meanwhile, Tanmay who regards Pranav Mistry as the greatest innovator of our times, uses his example to tell us what he thinks ought to be the prime objective of any innovator. ‘His (Mistry’s) innovations make things simple and that is what matters.” 

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