Technology is going touchless

Rohildev, founder of RHL VisionOperating a computer through gestures is the new horizon of technology and one of the geniuses who is helping make it a reality is Rohildev, a graduate of Kathir College of Engineering in Coimbatore in 2012. He started RHLvision Interactive LLP (RHL stands for Robotic Human Logic) during his final year of engineering and has never looked back. Startup Village in Kochi helped him translate his idea into reality and soon this company started working towards touch-less and wearable computing, augmented reality, natural user interface, artificial intelligence for personal computers and so on. The vision of his company is to enhance the basic computer and give it a soul and cognitive capacity.

Bridging the gap between consumers and sellers 

One of the biggest grouse that people have with online shopping is that they don’t get an opportunity to try out things. In a bid to bridge this gap, RHLvision developed three innovative products. 


Through Tryara, the customers can select the jewellery and ornaments they would like to try and wear Tryarathem virtually. Designers can also create virtual designs for the customer to try, get the customer feedback and execute them only when the customer places an order. This way, jewelers can rest assured about the safety of their jewellery and customers can try out as many ornaments as they like in the comfort of their homes, before they zero in on one. 


With the flick of a hand, a person can navigate through his playlist and play the music on his smartphone; this is the Ferneplayer for you. This technology is still in beta mode.


People do not really like advertisements and do not even spare them a glance, but with IntAds, RHLvision hopes to change this. They have created touch-less display ads through which a customer can virtually use the product before they decide to buy it.

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Innovation in Health Care 

Constant innovation with societal benefits has been a hallmark feature of RHLvision. With this view in mind, they have invented a gesture-based device to help doctors, which can be incorporated in the hospital’s ERP system. With the help of this device, surgeons can navigate through their computer during their operation, without having to touch the device, even if they are standing 4 metres away from the screen. A surgeon can navigate through a patient’s history, conduct a video conference with experts or even interact with other doctors through gestures. This device, which uses Microsoft Kinect and a camera to read the gestures, is priced at Rs. 2.5 lakhs. RHLvision Interactive is in talks with various hospitals in Kerala to install this device.

Surgeons will be able to navigate their computers using gestures

Future Plans and Challenges 

Though RHLvision has a line of innovative products, they still need to build the perfect business model for themselves. They need to ensure that their present line up is sustainable, and helps them get enough funds for experimenting with other cutting edge technology. 

Another challenge that they face, when it comes to gesture based technology, is that every person uses a different set of gestures. Their technology should be intelligent enough to recognise this. RHLvision will have to work towards bettering this and provide an intuitive and seamless experience to their users. 

Currently, RHLvision is a self-funded venture and is on the lookout for seed capital to aid them in product development. They are also planning to launch their gesture-based technology for surgeons commercially and then go for a bigger round of funding. 

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